Kuroki meisa akanishi jin dating

06-Feb-2018 08:06

” and the question is hard to answer, unless you are familiar with how the industry works in general.I wanted this Johnnys Talk to be about Johnnys and Marriage because of Jin’s recent marriage and to shine light on a side of the situation that many foreign fans, like me, would not understand.This is my business student side coming out, but what if this image is tarnished by dating someone or getting married? If an idols isn’t marketable anymore, that makes it harder for the agency to get jobs for the idol, which means they are keeping someone on that will not make them money.So, the idol must abide by these rules and regulations or risk becoming a liability to the agency.Everything has to go through the agency regarding the talent that they manage, from assigning work, to who they are dating, and if they are going to get married.

Some people have asked, “Why is it such a big deal?

It’s harsh, yes, but managing idols is still a business.