Doubts about carbon dating

12-Sep-2017 10:21

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Dating a non-Christian is also problematic, for similar reasons.

Those who marry an unbeliever prior to converting to Christianity are encouraged to stay with the unbeliever unless they leave.

Part of Speech: noun masculine A Related Word by Thayers/Strongs Number: from the root of zeugnumi (to join, especially by a "yoke") Citing in TDNT: 6, 301 Strong's G2218 ζυγός zugos dzoo-gos' From the root of ζεύγνυμι zeugnumi (to join, especially by a "yoke"); a coupling, that is, (figuratively) servitude (a law or obligation); also (literally) the beam of the balance (as connecting the scales): - pair of balances, yoke.

The "International Conference on the Shroud of Turin" (ICST-2017) was held July 19 to 22 (Wednesday evening and all day Thursday, Friday, Saturday) at the large TRAC center in Pasco, Washington state, USA.

The conference included 48 Power Point presentations on the most recent research and summaries of previous research, as well as three panel discussions to answer questions at the end of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

This came to a total of about 34 hours of presentations and panel discussions.

The Bible is clear that a Christian is never to marry a non-Christian.

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Although dating of Christians and non-Christians is not specifically handled in the Bible, it is clear that such an action is asking for trouble.

If the unbeliever consents to living with the believer, the believer is to behave in such a way that the unbelieving spouse would want to become a Christian.