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Beijing is unarguably one of the most visited places in the world.Every year finds millions of people come to Beijing to see the capital of China, a fast changing metropolitan city of old and new.What's the intriguing by-production of the temple is that if you enter the Temple of Heaven in the early morning, you can find many people doing all types of kung fu and taiji and other morning exercises.Furthermore, many people happily play each other with music, songs or cards. The most highliht part of the temple is the unique century-old trees - row upon row of Chinese cypress, Chinese juniper and scholar trees etc. When once visiting the temple, Dr Henry Kissinger, said that the USA could rebuild the Temple of Heaven if it wanted, but it could not produce the trees!If you are a non-group tourist, I suggest you rent a multi lingual guide recorder either at Meridian Gate ( southern gate of Forbidden city ) or the Gate of Divine Prowess (Northern gate of Forbidden City) and return it when you finish your Forbidden City Tour.

How to go there: Take busses No.726, 826, 718, 332, 331 or 737 and get of at Yiheyuan Dongmen Check for more details: Yiheyuan (Summer Palace) Road, Haidian District 62881144-209 Open Time: - Ticket Fee: RMB 40 (low season) / RMB 50 (peak season) Temple of Heaven is one of the real highlights of Beijing. It has been one of the most sacred sites for the whole country for the past five centuries.It boasts of the largest square of such kind in the world.